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Testimonials & Comments Duane Lewis, Commissioner - (formerly with Central Hockey League US): “I did feel a distinct propulsion forward as I skated, particularly when I started from a dead stop – acceleration was great . . . I think players starting out with these [Launch skates] at a younger age would even be more apt to consider them as their regular skates.”  NHL Player: “I want a pair of these (Launch) skates!!  They give me more ‘hop’ on crossovers and make me skate faster out of my turns.  I really like them!” Lucas Lawson, Video Coach - Hamilton Bulldogs* (AHL affiliate for the Montreal Canadiens), former Professional Hockey Player:  “It’s definitely going to make players skate faster - that’s for sure.  On the turns, you can feel - as you put the weight into your skate and as you move from stride to stride - it propels you to the next crossover . . . it’s really cool!” (watch Lucas demonstrate the Launch Skates on the Daily Planet tv show) David Trombley, Hockey Specialist, former NHL Player (HockeyExtreme.com):  "I understand more testing needs to be done, but even with the boot size being too large on the prototype pair I felt lighter and had a quicker jump - especially on cross-overs.  The three elements to skating are balance, strength (power) and technique.  Now [with Launch Skates] you can include a fourth . . . technology.” Kelly Askew, Professional Skating Instructor, former Professional Hockey Player and Member of Team Canada:  "We have seen technology change the game of hockey significantly over the last 10 years.  As the game continually gets faster and more dynamic the need for speed has become a priority.  After using Launch skates and the new spring technology I believe we could make players accelerate quicker by creating more power and energy in each stride while at the same time minimizing fatigue.  Really, the perfect combination for becoming an elite skater.  I really noticed that extra jump in my stride both in straight line acceleration and crossing over.  To gain even a one step advantage over our opponent may be the difference between scoring that big goal or making a big play catching your man coming back.  I look forward to seeing the final product!" Bill Heath, Senior Instructor, Hockey Extreme (watch Bill on the Launch Skates)  (here’s Bill again on the Launch Skates as part of the feature story by Reuters)  "I really like the prototype Launch skates and couldn't believe how quickly I got used to these new skates - even with a different and slightly larger boot.  I could definitely feel the spring forward from a dead stop and the skates felt more comfortable, with less pressure on my heels and the backs of my legs.  Turns felt sharper and with better balance compared with my regular skates.  Felt I was able to push off from the toe, or the front of the skate for more power - but the whole blade still seemed to be contacting the ice.  Being on my own skates right after the Launch skates made it more obvious that the Launch skates gave me a less rigid, faster and more comfortable skating experience." Steve Phillips, Professional Hockey Instructor, former Professional Hockey Player, HockeyContractor.com:  "I enjoyed the opportunity to test the new prototype pair of Launch Skates.  The concept was very intriguing to me and I was excited to try them out.  There was a noticeable increase in my first step acceleration, which was a definite improvement over skates with traditional blade holders.  The shock absorbing qualities of the Launch holders were also very noticeable and since I'm typically on skates for up to 30 hours per week, it was a welcome change.  Although the non-static qualities of these holders took some getting used to, those same qualities will most certainly allow the skater to help stave off early fatigue and therefore the Launch Skates would make a great addition to any player's arsenal."   Martin Ross, Professional Hockey Instructor:  “These (Launch) skates are great!!   I definitely feel that I am skating faster, especially when coming out of sharp turns.  In addition, the suspension system is much easier on my knees.” Michael Austin, Athletic Therapist & Amateur Hockey Player:  “I like this idea!  I found myself skating faster out of turns and from a dead start.” (read report by Michael Austin) Murray Goodman, Amateur Hockey Coach and former Jr. A Player: “I was powering out of turns faster with the prototype Launch skates and I felt a ‘kick’ with each stride.  After a 2 hour session, my knees felt much less tired and sore compared with my regular skates.  When can I get a pair? !!” * THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED ARE THOSE OF LUCAS LAWSON.  NO ENDORSEMENT BY THE HAMILTON BULLDOGS OR MONTREAL CANADIENS IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.  
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