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Press Launch Skates featured on HockeyWorldBlog.com, November 20, 2013 “Top 5 coolest inventions . . .”, Design1st.com, March 22, 2013 “Want an extra boost on the ice?  Tonight we feature the Launch Skates - spring loaded hockey skates!”, The Daily Planet (Discovery Channel Canada), January 15, 2013 (watch segment on YouTube) A Canadian inventor has developed ice skates that will greatly increase the speed of skaters on the rink, REUTERS, October 31, 2012 “With high-compression springs in the blade [holders], skaters will be able to take advantage of the kinetic energy stored . . . “  Scientific American, October 31, 2012 Get a boost on the ice”, SUPERSCIENCE Magazine, Scholastic, November/December, 2012 “If you’re looking for a boost in your game, try Launch Skates.  The science makes you faster!”, Hockey-Blog-In-Canada- blogspot.com, January 18, 2013 (read the 3rd post on the Launch Skates on this popular hockey blog) Equipment Watch 3: Launch Skates”, ewallstreeter.com, January 18, 2013 (Jan. 18, 2013 post by Hockey-Blog-In-Canada-blogspot.com picked up by this popular website voted CNBC Fast Money’s favorite website) New skates that will launch you around the ice, CBS Radio, November 13, 2012. Skates that have hidden springs, Technet.cz (popular site in Czech Republic), November 11, 2012 Full REUTERS video on popular news site in Sweden, Expressen.se, November 10, 2012 Popular Science Inventions of the Year Awards, Popular Science, June 2012 - Launch Skates in Top Ten Vancouver Canucks Fan Zone, “Spring Loaded Skates”, June 14, 2012 “I think there is a great potential for the Launch Skates to change skating in hockey, and this Popular Science article gives some high praise to the skates.”  Hockey-Blog-In-Canada-blogspot.com, May 24, 2012 (read full post) Post on Stumbleupon.com, June 5, 2012 “Launch Skates, hockey skates with springs in them, you gotta check these out.” TheHockeyNetwork.com, March 14, 2012 On Twitter and SportAdore.com “Trevor Daley has also tried the Launch Skates“, February, 2012 LaunchSkates.com now officially ranked in the top 727,000 websites in the world, April 22, 2012 Don Cherry limited edition Launch Skates now available, April 1, 2012 Bill Heath (Hockey Extreme) video posted on this popular site in Japan, February 17, 2012 Popular news/topics site IndiaEveryday.com has posted 5 of the Launch videos in a country where people have been playing ice hockey for over 100 years, January & February, 2012 Top ranked FirstPost.com picked up the “Launch Skates at Hockey Extreme” video, February 15, 2012 YouTube.com - Bill Heath (Hockey Extreme) video becomes a “feature video” on YouTube, Feb. 3, 2012  (search “Launch Skates” on YouTube) Rip.tv - “Launch Skates” video posted on this popular action sports media network on Jan. 25, 2012 Interceder.net, January 25, 2012 & February 1, 2012: Another “Launch Skates” video picked up by this popular topics search site. (search “hockey skates”) FirstPost.com (ranked among the top 5,000 websites) No. 1 search result for Toronto Videos, “Launch Skates”, Jan. 25, 2012 Hockey-Blog-In-Canada-blogspot.com, December 23, 2011 (follow up post): . . . This product looks promising, and I really hope things hit the ground running for you and the Launch Skates.  The product seems sound in its science, and that’s a great start to build on . . . .“  (read full post) Videosarchive.org, December 28, 2011: “Launch Suspension Ice Skates - Working Prototype” video UltimateHockeySource.com, December 24, 2011: Launch Skates: Follow Up”  (December 23, 2011 post by Hockey- Blog-In-Canada-blogspot.com picked up by UltimateHockeySource.com under “Talk” on main page.) Hockey-Blog-In-Canada-blogspot.com, December 19, 2011: That's pretty interesting, I'd say . . . . Getting science involved to make skaters faster by better utilizing the motions of the foot seems like a good idea. Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and others have been doing it with running shoes for decades, and the Nike Shox shoe is made to "absorb impact from heel strike while running" while springing back to add more power to the runner's stride. It sounds like the spring action idea is now being incorporated into skates!” (read full post) HockeyNation.blogspot.com, December 19, 2011: “Equipment Watch: Launch Skates” Interceder.net, December, 2011: Two “Launch” videos picked up by this popular topics search site. (search “hockey skates”)
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